Jayne & Tim - Chester Zoo - Chester Wedding Photographer

Posted By: Andrew Baines
Posted On: 26 Aug 2017
Bride & Groom Wedding portrait in Gardens at Chester Zoo

Chester Wedding Photography - Chester Zoo.

Chester Zoo is one of the UK's top tourist attractions and I was lucky enough to photograph a wedding here today, complete with a guided tour of the zoo!

The day started at the Chester zoo and the weather was fantastic! All the guests were gathering at Oakfield House, awaiting Jayne's arrival, so I took this opportunity to capture some nice candid moments.

After this I walked down to the wedding entrance to meet Jayne and we were put in a storage room so the guests wouldn't see the dress! After the guests had all arrived (including some stragglers!) we headed down to Oakfied house, stopping along the way to get a few photographs of the bridal party and have a nosy at the animals!

Oakfield House is a spectacular building inside and out, so it made a stunning backdrop for some very emotional ceremony photographs.

Afterwards I gathered the guests up for the group photo's and took Jayne & Phil for a little walk around the zoo gardens for some truly unique photographs.

The weather was so nice that everyone spent the whole day outside on the patio and they even ate and had the speeches outside!

Later on after the zoo closed to the public we were treated to a guided tour around the zoo in three small groups and although I regularly visit the zoo, I have never seen it in this way before, it was truly magical.

Here are some photographs from Jayne & Tim's day at Chester Zoo: