4 reasons pre-wedding shoots make all the difference

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Posted By: Andrew Baines
Posted On: 05 Mar 2021
Pre Wedding photoshoot at Hope Mountain North Wales (1)

4 reasons pre-wedding shoots make all the difference

Find a North Wales wedding photographer who offers pre-wedding (engagement) shoots. Not sure why you’d want one? Here’s 4 reasons why you really don’t want to miss out…

You’ll get to practice in front of the camera

The key to enjoying every step of the process is to know what to expect before you wake up on the big day. With an engagement shoot you can practice your posing, get a feel for what having a camera on you feels like, and get to know your photographer. It’ll all add up to a more enjoyable experience when the moment comes.

You can show your photographer the venue

Take your North Wales wedding photographer to your venue if you can and they’ll be able to get a feel for what the wedding day is going to be like. It’s this little bit of extra effort that makes all the difference, so don’t be afraid to show them where you’re getting ready, where you’ll say your vows, and so on.

You’ll feel at ease on the big day

We all get nervous when it’s time to say those two magic words, which is why a pre-wedding shoot is a smart choice. It removes a little bit of the unknown and gives you a better idea of what it feels like to have all eyes on you. Take your time, ask for a few pointers, and don’t be afraid to strike a pose that makes the two of you happy. The day is all about you after all.

You can add a few extra shots to your albums

Making the most of your wedding photography options is a great way to add a few more snaps to your wedding album. It’ll give you more memories to look back on over the years and you really cannot put a price on that.

If you would like to book a pre-wedding shoot, then get in touch today to discuss your plans.