March 15th 2021 | Wedding Photography

5 things to ask your 2022 North Wales wedding photographer

Okay, so you have a North Wales wedding photographer in mind, or at least a shortlist. What’s next? Take a look at these 5 key questions and get things moving in the right direction...

1) Are you up to speed with all things Covid?

Weddings in North Wales are a little different at the moment, so it’s best to get the elephant in the room out of the way at the beginning. Find someone who is calm and confident and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Silhouette of Bride & Groom at sunset during a North wales wedding

2) Can we book a pre-wedding shoot?

Finding a North Wales wedding photographer who’s happy to be flexible and offer a pre-wedding (engagement) shoot is a must. It gives you a chance to practice in front of the camera, and the pictures will look great as part of your invites too.

Couple hug and look out towards the sea in Llandudno North wales pre wedding photo session

3) What happens if the restrictions get changed?

Things might change, and there’s not a whole lot any of us can do about that. Make sure to double check with your photographer that they can work with you to rearrange things nice and quick if need be.

Couple jump in the air in front of waterfall on pre wedding shoot in North wales

4) Got any ideas for original shots?

The beauty of North Wales wedding photography is that it throws up a whole host of great places to take photos. Ask them if they have any specific ideas for your venue, or shots they suggest adding to your list, and you’ll have a much better idea of how you’ll work together.

Bride & Groom hold each other at night time outside Lion Quays North Wales

5) What kind of styles do you shoot?

You don’t have to follow everyone else when it comes to North Wales wedding photography, but it also doesn’t hurt to know what others have chosen. Ask to see a portfolio and you’ll be able to nudge your photographer in the right direction.

Bride & groom kiss at sunset during wedding at North Wales wedding venue

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